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Accountants and bookkeepers are an integral part of your firm. However, timely auditing of your books is required to ensure transparency of your finances. We offer competitive controllership services on a regular basis to not only internal audit your accounts but to also produce close-to-accurate financial analysis to indicate the current financial health of your organization.

Business Setup and Consulting

Setting up a new business can be a pretty daunting task. With so many roles to play and so many duties to perform, you might want to leave the business registration process to the experts. We completely understand the dilemma of starting a business from scratch and are here to help.

Whether you wish to start as a sole proprietor, a partnership or as a corporation, we are here to make things pretty simple for you. At Hemani, we can help you get your company registered as a Provincial or Federal Corporation. Without having to go through the tedious process of registration, you will have your operational licenses or articles of incorporation, depending on the structure of your business, within a few days. Moreover, we even offer expert advice and guidance to help kick off your business in the right direction.